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The Man Who Wanted to Be the First Politician Who Didn’t Harm Anyone2012

A collection of short comics released for Free Comic Book Day

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Pacquiao: Winning In & Out of the Ring. self-published comic. 2010

The first–and to my knowledge, only–comic biography of the Fighting Pride of the Philippines.



Unpublished tagalog version

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Laban! A Love Story. self-published comic. 2009

Ninoy and Cory couldn’t be more different. He was a gregarious, outspoken, charismatic young man with grand political ambitions. She was a studious, introverted, Catholic schoolgirl. How did such opposites come to fall in love and eventually, change the course of history for the Philippines? Find out in Laban! A Love Story, the comic about how Ninoy and Cory met.

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Our Awesome Love Story. 2011

A comic biography commissioned by Anton Diaz of


My Portfolio Within a Portfolio. 2011

A comic book portfolio I created to send out to clients, institutions, and companies I was interested in

Steve Jobs (unpublished)

Super Sofia 2011

A comic I made for my niece’s birthday using photos taken from when I visited my sister for a month and a half in Brisbane.


Story Books

MapunPacis, Carla (author) co-illustrated with Herbert Consunji, Jr. The Bookmark Inc. 2013

Orally-transmitted folk tales from Sulu, commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund.

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Brocka: The Filmmaker Without Fear. The Bookmark Inc. 2014

Part of the Bookmark Inc’s Modern Day Heroes series, this was the first storybook I’ve written and illustrated (the illustrator backed out at the last minute). The subject is award-winning director and activist Lino Brocka.


More comics



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Surfers Love the Philippines 2009 Calendar

Guest Blog Posts / Interviews

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Interview on the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

My Perfect Day in BCN

The Secret Lives of Trash (webcomic series edited by Nicola Sebastian):

Travel Log: Eastern Promises

7 True Facts Why Plants VS Zombies 2 is the Best Game in the World


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