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Mi último adiós

A reading of Dr. José Rizal’s Mi Último Adiós, a poem he wrote on the eve of his execution by the Spanish colonial government for rebellion and sedition.

Part of my 2nd solo exhibition of the same title. The finnisage was at Ateneu del Raval in Barcelona, Spain, and the opening was at Åkkigalleria in Jyvåskylå, Finland.

More media from the closing night here.


A week in the paradise known as the Island of the Gods.



A short film about loss and learning to love again.

This was actually made for a school project on creating a brand identity for a fictional museum. See the original promotional video here.

Small-Time Corruption in Action

This is not the first time I’ve been extorted–a fairly usual occurrence in my country. However, it was the first time that the situation was captured on video then subsequently subtitled.

I have had several requests from news channels over the years to use this video and to do interviews as well. Several years later, a journalist told me that the traffic enforcer had already died.


After the Rain

Timelapse filmed in Poble Nou, Barcelona.


The human towers filmed during the 2016 Fiesta de Gracia.

Boulevard of Broken Bones


The view outside my office for 6 months. I had way more timelapse footage but regrettably it got lost.

It’s A Sign


1st CWC Kicker Comp

Water footage of the 1st Camsur Watersports Complex wakeboard trick competition.

Beautiful Batanes

Holiday in the northernmost island of the Philippines.

Slingin’ Around S’pore

5 days, 4 nights, 8 hours on a plane, 12 hours on a train, 10 hours on foot, 3 hours on a bus, 10 minutes on a segway, 3 minutes on a flowrider, 40 hours at a conference
24 hours of sleep



Walking On the Clouds

14-hour ascent to Mount Pulag, the third highest peak in the Philippines.

Rolling in the Deep

Six-hour descent into the Crystal Caves in Sagada, Philippines.

Santi Bose: Remixed

Opening night of a friend’s late father, Philippine National Artist Santi Bose.



Divisoria is a chaotic marketplace in Manila where you can go to buy almost anything.

Post-Tsunami Surf

Footage taken from the day that the tsunami struck Japan in 2011. My friends and I were in the water when the siren went off and everyone evacuated the town of Baler to head to higher ground. Luckily, the tsunami did not hit the Philippines, and as you can see from this short film, we were back in the ocean the following morning.



The Making of Philippine Smile

Behind-the-scenes footage of my first major commission.

The piece is on permanent display at the lobby of the Net Lima building in Bonifacio Global City.

The Making of the Pacquiao Comic

Behind-the-scenes footage of my second comic biography.

The comic is available on iTunes (EU residents click here) and in limited quantity in print (email pacquiaocomic(at)gmail)

More details here

What Matters Most

A promotional video that I filmed and edited for work.

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