Cycle. Rinse. Repeat.

photo by Maria Khodykina

Cycle. Rinse. Repeat.


Wake up to your inbox

Facebook with breakfast

Glued to your mobile as you commute

Gmail at your desk

Eyes glued to the screen

Nothing in between

Tweet, like, share, post

Real life is like a passing ghost

If it’s not online then it didn’t happen

Try to work but your phone calls you back

Tumblr with a snack

Youtube when you get back

Spotify as you head out

Back home to another screen

Dinner with some sitcom or film

Nothing keeps you unoccupied

Thank God you’re never bored

Right as you finally close your eyes

You cradle your laptop, tablet, phone

Your wife, your child, you kiss them goodnight

You both recharge as you sleep

Cycle. Rinse. Repeat.


The Burden of Life


The Burden of Life

Life is difficult

It’s truer day-by-day

It’s not your fault

Sometimes people pay and lose their way

Loneliness, sickness, death, and decay

It’s a lie to say ‘Everything will be OK’


If life is to be a burden

To bear on our shoulders

Then oughtn’t we try to make it lighter?

That is all we can hope to do

For ourselves and for each other.

Jose Gamboa

October 2015. Barcelona


Very Important


Very Important

Your job is very important

Your car, your bike, your motorcycle

Your sneaker collection, your master’s degree

Your charity, foundation, religion, and non-governmental organisations

The news is very important

Your industries of sport, media, and manufacturing

Your driving schools and investment banks

Fitness gyms and start up firms

Where would the world be without your architectural digest,

Academic journal, interiors magazine, and indie record label

Eco-friendly, zero-carbon, GMO and gluten-free store

Alma mater, football team and special interest group

Without your carefully-curated online photo gallery of your life

Or your daily updates, tweets and instagrams?

The world would completely cease to exist

As all these are very, very important.

Jose Gamboa




If you asked if I had any regrets

I wouldn’t say no

If you asked if I ever felt crushed beneath the weight of life

I wouldn’t say no

If you asked me Do you hate yourself when you fail?

I wouldn’t say no

If you asked me do you long for more than the illusion of love and friendship?

I wouldn’t say no

If you offered me the chance to do it all over

I wouldn’t say no

If you asked me if I was doing okay

I wouldn’t say no.




For something uplfting, read Derek Walcott’s hopeful poem Love After Love.

Small But Big


Small, But Big

Small, but big
Is better
Big but small has no value
Short, but sweet
Not infinite and bland,
Tiny, though fierce
Strong, yet gentle
A painful pleasure
Or a pleasurable pain
Generous, though penniless
Wounded, but kind
Simple, yet beautiful
Precious, yet given freely
Like a look, a touch, a kiss
Alive, but dying each moment
It is in the contrasts that life exists.



for Masha, a small girl with a big heart