Has your partner ever wanted to appear in a comic? Has a loved one ever done something you consider heroic? Then a Biocom (short for Biographical Comic) lets them realise the fantasy of appearing as a superhero where they save the day!

Biocoms are personalised, vintage-style black and white comics that are drawn by professional comic book artists. Based on your concept, it could be a pin-up or a multi-panel page, with a storyline that you provide!

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This is the ideal gift for a loved one, parent, colleague, or kid who needs a bit of a boost.

How does it work?

  • You fill out the order form
  • We have a skype/video call or email correspondence
  • You receive sketches for approval
  • You have your own personalised comic in 3 weeks’ time!

The pricing ranges from $400 (a3 pin up) to $750 (panelled page).

Multi-page comics are also available.

Turn around time: 3 weeks (max)

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