This is one of my earliest memories of my father. Even though it didn’t happen to me personally, my mind’s eye created the scene when I first heard the story, and seeing that scar all the time growing up, engraved this anecdote into my memory.

In anticipation of Father’s Day, I’d like to hear your most memorable story of your father. Share it in the comments and I’ll choose one (or two) to illustrate.


The Syrian Refugee Crisis proves that organisations like the United Nations, at least its High Commission for Refugees, still deserves its title, and should continue to exist.

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Taste Test

Jollibee is a Filipino fastfood chain founded in 1978 by Filipino-Chinese businessman Tony Tan Caktiong. It outperforms McDonald’s and KFC.

Van Gogh’s Barbershop

Oddly enough, Van Gogh’s barbershop was a resounding failure

A Whole New Meaning to Shark Attack


On July 19, pro surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark during a competition heat at Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa. Here’s what happened:



It hasn’t been the first time a surfer has survived a shark attack–as one-armed surfer Bethany Hamilton who had her arm bit off by a tiger shark, and Shannon Ainslie, who after being attacked by TWO great whites simultaneously, has got to be one of the luckiest people alive–but it is the first time it has happened in full view of thousands, maybe millions of viewers.

The Holy Trinity at Sagrada Familia


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New strips published twice weekly.