What I’m Working On Right Now


  • I’ve been living away from my home, the Philippines since October 2014. I’m currently based in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Trying to re/discover meaning in life while overcoming the fear of starting again.
  • Trying to gain European residency
  • Creating BioComs in my free time. If you like them you could support me on Patreon.

Lately I’ve been:

Coming up with a side hustle or two.

Taking an Instagram sabbatical.

Aprendiendo castellano.

Working on a biocom on my grandparents.

Working on a new graphic novel titled Zugzwang

Trying to decide in which city to spend the next year of my life.

Learning java at Free Code Camp.

Volunteering for 3 weeks on organic farms in Andalucía. ✔️

Doing an an artist residency at Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Center in Jyväskylä, Finland in preparation for my 2nd solo exhibition ✔️

Finishing my final year in graphic design at Escola Bau while doing a marketing internship in a tech recruitment firm. ✔️

This page inspired by Derek Sivers