World Art Drop Day

Every first Tuesday in September, artists around the world hide an artwork somewhere and leave clues on social media for people to find them.

World Art Drop Day is the brainchild of Jake Parker, a brilliant illustrator and a gentleman who provides many resources for artists to get better at their craft, and to become proper professionals. He also started Inktober, where the challenge is to create an ink drawing for each of the 31 days of October. I’ve participated but so far, have not been able to complete the challenge.

This year I decided to participate in World Art Drop Day for the first time, but since I’ve been moving around, I thought I’d do it differently.

How it works:

Win a PinoyArtista print, tee, or original artwork if you can guess the country and city where I am currently doing an artist residency.

I will be leaving clues in my instagram videos & stories.

You are eligible to join if:

1. I didn’t tell you where the residency was beforehand

2. You haven’t previously received or commissioned a work

3. You aren’t from the city where the residency is located

Contest ends on the 6th of September when I announce the winner/s. The prizes will be mailed to you, free of charge if you’re based in the Philippines or Spain.

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