How To Survive a 22-Hour Flight

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5. Moisturize Lip balm and lotion will counter the effects of the dry air in the aircraft.

6. Food & water Bring an empty bottle or thermos, and after you get through the security checks, you can fill them up in the water fountains in the departure area. Unless you’re in a crappy airport (like mine) which doesn’t have water fountains. Singapore’s Changi Airport not only has water fountains, they also have indoor smoking areas, a butterfly aquariums, play areas for kids, free internet, and free massage chairs lined up along the concourse to soothe your aching feet. For food, crackers or nibbles will keep you going. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of lacking sleep while being thirsty and hungry all at the same time.   TIP: You can make special requests for your meals, ex. vegetarian or halal, which, even if you’re not vegan or Moslem, you may want to do, that way you are served your meal before everyone else

Just some of the snack selections you can help yourself to on Singapore Airlines.

7. Entertain Yourself Bring a book you’ve been wanting to read, load up your laptop or tablets with movies and series and just binge watch until your eyeballs fall out of their sockets. As for me, I always have something to sketch with, and sketching fellow travellers is especially convenient.

Sleeping passengers make ideal subjects.


Far from his best film, Robin Williams’ last performance was made even more poignant considering that he plays a man with a terminal illness.


8. Stretch Stand up and walk around every hour or so to keep your circulation going and avoid cramping.

9. Be friendly. But not too friendly Be polite to the flight attendants. Their job is difficult, and on long-haul flight, especially so. With your fellow passengers, it’s unlikely that after 18 hours you will be life-long friends, but you never know (although it is possible). If you’re the chatty type, restrain yourself and limit your small talk, and if your seat mate doesn’t respect boundaries, then the sleep mask and ear plugs will come in handy.

Thank you to New Horizon Travel & Tours (I don’t own a credit card, so I had to book through my neighbour who is a corporate travel agent) for booking my ticket, the Huffington Posts Fodor’s for the travel tips, and to Singapore Airlines flight attendants for the great service.

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  1. Very nice guide. All these informations are important to make a long flight enjoyable! Btw: A perfect choice to fly with Singapore Airlines. They are amazing!


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